Bathtubs, Ceramic Tiles, Vanities, Showers, Laminated Kitchen Cabinets and Bench tops can all be beautifully resurfaced to look “NEW” again, using the unique Hawk Resurfacing Systems.

  • Step 1

    Preparation of the Work Area

    Great care is taken to ensure that surrounding areas and furnishings are properly protected and that solvent type odors are properly exhausted.

  • Step 2

    Preparation of the Surface

    A cleaning process is undertaken to adequately prepare the surface for refinishing. We use purpose designed, industrial strength cleaners, designed to remove soap film, body oils, silicone and hard water deposits. Next, any chips or scratches are filled and repaired, cabinets and bench-tops sanded and inadequate caulking removed. The surface is once again cleaned.

  • Step 3

    Bonding Process (for porcelain and tile surfaces)

    The Hawk Resurfacing System has been built around a proprietary chemical bonding process that eliminates the need to use dangerous, unpredictable, and corrosive acids. The bonding agent forms a molecular bond, which "welds together" the old surface and the new coating. Undoubtedly the use of this chemical bonding process results in superior adhesion and better longevity than any other coating in the market.

  • Step 4

    Application of New Surface

    Two coats of Primer, then three topcoats of Glas-Tech 9100 is applied, giving a total of FIVE COATS. Glas-Tech 9000 is a high performance, fully cross-linked aliphatic ASTM TYPE 5 Urethane which delivers outstanding wear resistance and performance non-surpassed by others. Glas-Tech 9000 actually "rises" to the challenge, creating a true, "porcelain effect".

  • Step 5

    Use of the New Surface

    GlasTech 9100 is an ambient cured system and is tough dry within minutes of completion, without the use of heat lamps or other artificial curing mechanisms. The new surface is generally ready for use 24 hours after completion.